Without turning this into a science lesson let me explain that peptides are found in every cell and tissue in the human body! These amino acids send signals to your cells to produce more collagen, which is one of the major building blocks of your skin. 

Peptides in skin care have been replicated in the lab and when used in the right formulation have amazing results on the skin.

Prior to peptides many moisturisers purely provided a skin barrier and felt nice.

Now you can have an anti ageing treatment and barrier protection in one product. Investing in a peptide based moisturiser or serum not only provides hydration it reduces fine lines, tightens skin, reduces pore size, fights inflammation, protects against UV damage and helps wound healing. Who doesn't want all that?


There are so many products on the market what should you look for?

Peptides are expensive they cost more to produce and there is a lot of technology behind them. If you are looking at a product in the pharmacy for $20-$30 chance is there are next to no peptides in that product.

Look for a product with several different types of peptides usually at least 5 different pentapeptides with varying numbers such as 7, 11 or 12 following the name. They should be around the middle of the ingredient list not at the bottom, this would mean there is a very small amount in the product. 

For the best results chat to us at Elixir we have several amazing product options with DMK offering their Transgenesis peptide range and Dermaquest skincare. If you are serious about slowing down the ageing process and want the best from your skin, let's chat peptides.

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