About Us

Our Values

At Elixir we empower women and men by making them feel confident in their own skin. We do this by bringing together the best solutions, techniques and people to bring our customers the best version of their skin. 

We believe everyone needs to feel confident when they see themselves in the mirror. This is why we do what we do. We allocate an hour of conversation with our clients to create a personalised skin treatment program and skin care regime for home use. 

Elixir is a skin clinic that invests heavily in education, the latest equipment and technology to bring about the best possible outcome in achieving healthy, youthful looking skin. 

Our Story

Paulina Ghougassian is the founder of Elixir De Beauté. This established business of 22 years comes with 40 years of education and experience in the field of ever evolving beauty industry. After many years of teaching and training Paulina decided she wanted to impart her knowledge with women and men struggling with finding a solution with their skin.

“I had terrible acneic skin growing up. I was told I will grow out of it and it’s just a teenage skin. I became depressed and shy and couldn’t live the life I so desired and wanted. My quest as a teenager was to find a miracle in a jar. So I went from one counter to the next with great disappointment.

I began studying beauty therapy. This is when I discovered that the miracle that I was looking for wasn’t in a jar.  I realised that all skin ailments have a gut connection. So I began my skin journey holistically from nurturing my body with the right food and supplements as well as understanding the physiology of the cause of skin disharmony. It’s only then that I began seeing a clearer version of my skin. My confidence began to pick up and I began to feel beautiful.

So my vision was born at that point. I wanted to design result orientated bespoke skin program to women and men to give them beautiful skin so they can feel confident in their own skin. And now that I am getting older, acne is no longer my issue but conquering the signs of ageing naturally is. It is my mission to bring the best solutions and the latest equipment and the best people to give my clients the best version of their skin. This can only be established with on going research and educating my staff."