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CryoPen™ emits a fine jet of nitrous oxide under high pressure, which allows the clinician to work with millimeter precision. This destroys the tissue by freezing the inter-cellular fluid, forming ice shards and crystals which ruptures the membrane, thereby destroying the damaged cell. This means there is no collateral damage to the healthy skin tissue.

Cryotherapy with CryoPen™ eradicates imperfections of the skin that are more common on ageing skins.

Cryotherapy is the most comfortable and effective treatment in eradicating the unsightly skin imperfections such as solar keratosis, skin tags  and solar lentigines, which are extremely hard to treat with laser or IPL.

At Elixir all skin imperfections are firstly cleared by a dermatologist prior to commencement of any invasive treatment for pigmentation.

From $130.00