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The forefront in the advanced peels with Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) along with stem cell, antioxidants and peptide technology to give your skin an extra boost of moisture and glowing skin.

Sam Dahht is a cosmetic chemist who has developed DermaQuest products that has become the leader in stem cell, anti oxidants and peptide technology. He has developed DermaQuest with a unique delivery system and layering system to deliver active ingredients by keeping the skin’s harmony intact.  His testing of all the ingredients used in DermaQuest, are at a maximum percentage where the skin has the capacity not only to absorb but have maximum efficacy.

DermaQuest has developed home care products as well as clinic treatments in delivering treatments to correct the skin’s barrier function and correct skin disharmony such as acne, tired, weathered skins.

At Elixir we have been able to perfect the cocktail of the layering system both in clinic as well as home care to deliver solution-orientated result.

DermaQuest treatment Prices begins at $130.00