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Electrolysis is the only scientifically approved permanent hair removal. Electrolysis works by delivering an electrical current via a very fine sterile disposable probe, which is inserted into the hair follicle. This current destroys the cells that are responsible for the production of hair growth.

The hair grows at different stages and has different phases:

  • Anagen- Growing phase
  • Catagen – Resting phase
  • Telogen- Shedding phase

To achieve the best result we need to aim at treating hair at the anagen phase, just like when hair is treated with IPL or LASER. Since we cannot see the dermal layer where the hair is developing we cannot predict what phase the hair is at. Therefore, to treat these hairs successfully it is best to aim at treating them as soon as they protrude and become visible.

The advantage of electrolysis over IPL or LASER is that it does not discriminate skin colour or hair colour. The treatment is very effective on blonde hair and white hair on any skin colour. It is also best for small areas such as eyebrows, chin, and nipples.

Hygiene pre and post treatment is of utmost importance. You will be advised on how to take care of the area of concern on your initial visit. The healing of the treated area will be explained to you thoroughly.

Starting at $50.00