The Elixir Vita Drip

Premium Vitamin Infusion Treatments

At Elixir, we want to deliver to you the best possible skin result. In order for us to deliver and enhance your results with our carefully selected bespoke treatments, your body needs to be nutrient dense. The more nutrient dense your blood is the better you will feel and the treatment results are optimised. We have researched high and low to find the solution. We are thrilled to introduce you to “The Vita Drip”. 

The Vita Drip was created in 2022 with a simple goal of bringing out your best self. From that day forward The Vita Drip have made it their mission to create innovative vitamin & mineral treatments, to help you achieve your bodies full potential and perform in todays busy world.

The Vita Drip specialises in IV Vitamin therapy, a modern way to optimise your well-being and feel your absolute best. Offering efficient, bio-available vitamins and minerals through intravenous therapy, which is known to be absorbed up to 90% by your body. Meet the secret to your wellness routine.

Allow us to help you unlock your health and wellness desired with one of our premium vitamin infusion treatments today.

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